Updated on 26/10/2022
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Legal act regarding an agreement between the government or a local government and another public or private partner. There are several types of concessions: (i) the public service concession (method for the management of a public utility which consists in contractually entrust the management of the utility and the building of infrastructure to a dealer/concession owner acting at his own risk, and paid by billing the users of the service - (drinking water supply, sanitation, etc.), (ii) the public works concession (process for building public works characterized by the method used for the Contractor's remuneration, to whom is granted the right to exploit the work against payment for a specified time - (case of hydroelectric power plants with power at least equal to 4,500 kW); and (iii) the public domain concession (contract under administrative law granting to the beneficiary the right to use privately a more or less greater part of the public domain in return for remuneration).

According to the Ministry for the Environment and OFB
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