How to contribute?

The water and aquatic environments glossary operates through a collaborative process involving five types of actors with predefined roles: the editor, the reviewer, the facilitator, the reader and the user.



The reader can consult the contents in free access. Other roles require the creation of an account to access the personal space. Create an account.


  • As Editor: Suggesting definitions changes / additions

To propose the creation of a term: connect to your personal space and click on "Propose the creation of a term". Enter the information about the term (acronym, definition, illustration ...), then click on "Proposed". You can follow the progress of your proposal in "My proposals".

To propose the modification of a term: once you are connected to your personal space, click on the "Edit" button which appears at the top of the articles of each term. Submit your changes and click "Proposed".


  • As proofreader: proofread and complete definitions

To proofread a term: connect to your personal space, then click on "My readings". Click on the term to reread. If the definition is appropriate, click on "Apply" to indicate that you have proofread the proposal. If the definition is not appropriate, you can complete or correct it by clicking on "Modify".


  • As a user: save lists of terms and export them

To create and export wordlists: Log in to your personal space, then search for the desired terms and save the list (in the search results page). Label and validate your list. The lists are then searchable and exportable in the menu "Personal space - My selections".