Sport fishing

Updated on 13/07/2018
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Fishing whose product is intended for exclusive consumption by the fisherman and his family and cannot be peddled, exhibited or sold. Sport fishing regroups boat fishing (fishing from a boat, also called recreational or pleasure fishing, - which also includes big-game fishing also called offshore sport fishing), hand fishing, shore fishing, and finally underwater fishing. It is practiced either from ships or boats other than those having a permit and a crew for fishing, or by swimming or diving, or walking on the public maritime domain and on the part of rivers or channels where the water is salty. [...] For sport fishing, the use of any breathing equipment, whether self-contained or not, which allows a person to breath underwater without returning to the surface, is prohibited. [...] Sport fishing can be prohibited either for some protected species, or depending on the size of commercial species, on the fishing methods used, on fishing areas and seasons, on fishing bans and stoppages
According to Bruno Drouot (economist)
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