Sub-basin management plan

Updated on 13/07/2018
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Established for a sub-basin, a group of sub-basins, corresponding to a consistent river basin or aquifer system, the sub-basin management plan (SAGE) sets out the general objectives and provisions to meet the principle of sound and sustainable water resources management, aquatic environment conservancy and protection of fish heritage. It must be compatible with the river basin management plan (SDAGE) or made compatible within three years with the SDAGE updating. It is established by a local water commission (CLE) and is approved by the prefect. The SAGE includes a sustainable development and management plan for water resources and aquatic environments (PAGD - with which administrative decisions in the field of water must be compatible or made compatible) and a regulation (binding, as well as its associated cartographic documents, on any public or private person for the building of any facility, structure, work or activity referred to in Article L. 214-2 of the Environmental Code). Local development plan (SCOT), local urbanisation plan (PLU) and municipality maps must be compatible or made compatible within three years with the protection objectives defined by the SAGE.

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