Fishing season

Updated on 26/10/2022
Sens technique

Fishing operation (with netting) whose duration depends on the human resources and equipment used and on the surface and depth of the body of water. On-site measurements are performed to know the environmental conditions and to better estimate the fishing results. The fishing season includes all concepts and information considered stable during a sample campaign: one or more consecutive nights or days depending on the protocols, the size, depth and diversity of habitats in the body of water. It allows specifying the following pieces of information: the fishing protocol used (currently there are only two published protocols and therefore usable: (i) the vertical fishing nets used since the 1990s, (ii) the multi-mesh nets described in the prEN 14757 /2003 standard currently being validated by CEN); the measurement network(s) involved in the season:; the person in charge of the season (mandatory); the contractor of the season and the person who made the fishing (service provider). From the modelling viewpoint, the fishing season can be compared to a biological sample on a body of water, except that it takes place over several netting sites.

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