Green and Blue Habitat network

Updated on 06/09/2018
Sens technique
Network consisting of terrestrial ecological ("green" habitat) and aquatic ("blue" habitat) continuities, especially identified in regional ecological coherence schemes (RECS). The green and blue habitats (GBH) contribute to the enabling conservation status of natural habitats and species and to the good ecological status of water bodies, as well as to maintain the services that biodiversity provides (water quality, pollination, flood prevention, improvement of the living environment, etc.). It extends to the transversal limit of the sea. The GBH is a tool of sustainable development and regional planning, with the master plans for water development and management (SDAGE). It is also a tool for preserving biodiversity, combined with all the other existing tools: protected areas, national parks, nature reserves, biotope protection decrees, Natura 2000, regional natural parks, national action plans for endangered species, etc.) under the 2011-2020 National Biodiversity Strategy.
according to the Ministry of the Environment
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