Water Agency

Updated on 13/07/2018
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State Public institution of an administrative nature supervised by the Minister in charge of the environment. In a river basin or group of basins, the water agency is implementing the river basin management plan (SDAGE) and the sub-basin management plans (SAGEs), by enabling efficient and sound management of water resources and aquatic environments, drinking water supply, flood control and sustainable development of economic activities. Moreover, it applies a land policy for the protection of wetlands approved by the basin committee. Its resources mainly come from the levy of taxes on water abstraction and pollution. The water agency provides financial support to actions of common interest which contribute to the sound management of water resources and aquatic environments, such as pollution removal, quantitative management or restoration of the resource and development of aquatic environments. The water agency is part of the River-basin district level and takes care of the secretariat of the basin committee.

According to the Ministry for the Environment and AFB
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