Monitoring Programme

Updated on 13/07/2018
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All provisions (location of monitoring sites, monitored quality elements, controlled parameters or groups of parameters, control frequencies, monitoring methods, etc) related to the monitoring of water status in a basin or group of basins under the Water Framework Directive, in order to establish a coherent and comprehensive picture of the status of these waters. This programme includes: (i) quantitative monitoring of rivers and water bodies; (ii) monitoring of the ecological status, chemical status and ecological potential of surface waters, as well as of the quantitative status and chemical status of groundwater; (iii) operational monitoring of surface water status and chemical status of groundwater; (iv) survey controls (for identifying the origin of the degradation of water status); (v) controls carried out in areas listed in the register of protected areas, including additional controls required for surface water abstraction areas and water bodies including habitat areas and protection zones for species. The monitoring programme is issued by the Basin Coordinator Prefect, after collaboration with the basin committee, and regularly updated. The monitoring programmes were stopped in late 2006 with a view to the establishment of the first management cycle (2010-2015).

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