Basin Coordinator Prefect

Updated on 26/10/2022
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Prefect of the region in which the basin committee has its home office. The Basin Coordinator Prefect facilitates and coordinates State policy regarding water law enforcement and water resources management in order to achieve unity and consistency in decentralized government actions on these issues in the regions and Departments concerned. He approves the river basin management plan (SDAGE) previously adopted by the Basin Committee. He issues and updates the programme of measures and the water status monitoring programme, after collaboration with the Basin Committee. He defines the preliminary flood risk assessment, the list of areas in which there is a significant risk of flooding as well as the maps of flood-prone areas and flood risks. He prepares and issues flood risk management plans in coordination with the updates of the river basin management plan (SDAGEs). He chairs the Administrative Commission of the Basin. He is assisted in his work by the basin delegatee.

According to the Ministry for the Environment and OFB
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