Basin delegatee

Updated on 26/10/2022
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Position of the regional director in charge of the environment working at the side of the Basin Coordinator Prefect. He helps the basin coordinator prefect in his tasks, takes care of the secretariat of the Basin Administrative Commission, facilitates and coordinates the activities of the decentralized government services involved in water and provides advice and technical assistance to basin organizations. He is member of the River-basin district level. He is especially in charge, under the authority of the Basin Coordinator Prefect, of the following tasks: to contribute to the development, implementation and monitoring of the river basin management plan (SDAGE), the programme of measures, the water status monitoring programme and the water information system; to coordinate the actions required for water resources management and flood risk prevention; to ensure consistency, at the interregional level, in the implementation of water policy enforcement, in the protection of aquatic environments and fisheries; to follow up the action of the water agency, or, in the overseas departments, of the water office/board; to prepare the planning and distribution of decentralized credits from the Ministry for the Environment to interregional programmes involving the basin or group of basins.


According to the Ministry for the Environment and OFB
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